Family Therapy

Family Therapy

We provide family therapy for couples with small children and adolescents. We also offer family therapy and family counselling for adult family members. We help families deal with children's behavioural issues, unusual child behaviour, as well as practical parenting techniques. We help adult family members like parents and adult chilren or siblings re-connect as a family.

As part of our Family Therapy Program we offer qualified family therapy specializing in:
  • helping parents communicate to children about plans to separate or divorce
  • helping children cope with impact of separation and divorce
  • joint family counselling for separating parents and their children
  • resolve conflict between adult family members
  • modern parenting strategies
  • effective discipline for children while staying a united front as parents
  • sibling rivalry
  • effective strategies for family members of someone struggling with an addiction
  • working through complex dynamics of blended families

  • Family therapy is a branch of psychotherapy. A family therapist usually works with more than one person in the room even though there are also sessions with individual family members. Family therapy is about relationships; it is about what is happening between people rather than inside them. The focus is on the patterns in the family rather than on the unconscious impulses, like in the Psychodynamic Therapy, or on dysfunctional beliefs like in the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

    Family therapy is related to couple therapy in that it addresses the concerns of a relationship. The basic idea of family therapy is that the problem of one family member is a sign that the whole family is not functioning properly. For instance, a child's or an adolescentís troubling behavior in school is looked at as a symptom of a more fundamental problem within the family. During family therapy, the therapist helps each member become aware of the ways they contribute to each otherís behaviour. Usually, as a result of family therapy, family dynamics change in a way that the relationship becomes more satisfying for all members. More often than not, the presented symptom, such as the troubling behavior of the child, disappears.

    Family therapy and family counselling is provided in English and Russian. We serve clients from Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, North York and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area.