Individual Therapy for Relational Issues

Individual Therapy and Coaching for Relational Issues

We provide counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching for individuals experiencing relational issues, as well as depression and anxiety related to their family situation. We use well established and empirically researched methods of counselling and psychotherapy to help individuals.

For relational coaching we meet with individuals whose partners are not willing or able to join them in couples counselling. We will provide you with specific suggestions on how to approach your partner differently in order to shift the relationship. It is irrelevant whether your partner is aware of what you will be doing. Once you start using the new relationship skills your partner will follow suit.

We also provide effective coaching to individuals whose partner told them that they fell out of love, want to leave the relationship, or reject them in any other way. We give specific suggestions on how to maximize your chances of bringing your parnter back. We first collect information from you on what you have tried so far. We then describe techniques you have not yet tried and you can decide whether to apply them or not. Remember, if your partner is still around then something is holding them back whether it is children, finances, extended family, or hopefully some remaining feelings for you. If what you have been doing is not working, you need to try something else. Doing more of what is not working will not work even more! Do not repeat behaviours that create more distance.

Individual therapy is different from coaching. It implies seeing a therapist one on one in order to overcome emotional or psychological difficulties. Most modern therapies do not pathologize clients but rather access their inner strengths and resources moving the person towards realizing their potential in life.

People choose to come to therapy for various reasons: to deal with past issues and traumas, to address current concerns that cause them too much stress, to learn better life coping strategies, to gain confidence, or to gain better understanding of themselves. The main motivator is usually the need to reduce emotional pain and suffering in their lives. Some people invest in therapy in order to facilitate personal growth. No matter what your reasons are, a competent therapist will provide an atmosphere where you can feel listened to and understood.